UDIA Women in Leadership Award

The UDIA is proud to introduce the fourth year of the UDIA Women in Leadership Award. The second individual award in the 2020 Awards for Excellence acknowledges and promotes the positive contribution of women to the Victorian property industry.

The UDIA encourages female professionals across all disciplines of the development industry from both the public and private sectors to enter including developers, contractors, consultants and those involved in property services.

The award aims to recognise outstanding women working at mid to senior levels within the Victorian development industry and acknowledge their achievements.

Entries for the UDIA Women in Leadership Award are open via our online portal until Friday 17th September 2021. 



  • The 2020 UDIA Women in Leadership Award.
  • Registration to attend the UDIA 2021 National Congress or a UDIA Victoria Events and Networking voucher to the value of $1,000;
  • The opportunity to become an active member of the Outlook committee; and
  • An editorial feature on the Institute’s website and featured in the Policy and Advocacy Newsletter



To be eligible, nominees must be from organisations that are currently members of the UDIA in Victoria,

If you are unsure as to the current membership status of your organisation, please contact the UDIA on 03 9832 9600.

Nominees must also have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the development industry or an associated industry

Individuals must be based in Victoria and be available for an interview in Melbourne in October 2021.

Self-nomination and third party nominations will be accepted.



Your online submission must address the following criteria:

  • Your qualifications
  • Current position
  • Career overview detailing professional achievements
  • Your contribution to the industry
  • Your personal interests and activities
  • Self-development and personal goals over the next 5 years
  • Provide examples of your leadership qualities and indicate how you have demonstrated these qualities throughout your career.
  • Describe how you act as a role model to other professionals.
  • Detail the positive contributions and influence that you have made to your organisation/the development industry, above and beyond your job role
  • Reasons why you should be chosen as the 2020 Women in Leadership Award recipient
  • Two references supporting your submission – 1 x professional and 1 x personal (to be uploaded at the end of your submission)



All entries will be assessed by a panel of three judges involved in the property industry. The judging panel will select a short list of entries to participate in an interview, the outcome of which will decide the winning nominee. Interviews will be held in October 2020 (unless advised otherwise).

udiA women in leadership AWARD