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Each award category features it’s own mix of the criteria listed below and the weighting for each criteria in each category is different – the relevant criteria and weighting breakdown can be seen on the individual category pages. The online submission process will also outline for you the criteria you will need to respond to based on the category you have chosen to enter.

Criteria Explanations


How does the product deliver an affordable housing option? How has the purchase price and/or rent been set to ensure the project delivers an affordable housing option for a defined cohort? How has the project’s design and/or fitout considered ongoing lifecycle/operating costs for tenants/residents?



How does the design of the project demonstrate design excellence and architectural merit?


Built form and architecture

To what extent has the architectural merit of the project contributed to its success and the local environment? What processes have been implemented to ensure a high level of finish?


Community creation and integration

How successful has the project been in strengthening local communities and integrating into the wider community?


Contribution to the industry

To what extent has your project contributed to the property industry and the collective goal of delivering great places to live, work and play?

For example: this may be through the invention of a product that reduces construction times, enhances sustainability or software that assists in the design or construction phases of a project or an initiative that seeks to engage the broader community or your project may enhance the reputation of the property industry.


Demonstrated connection to the brand

How well does the marketing of this project demonstrate a link back to the company’s overall brand positioning?


Engagement/collaborative approach

How has the project engaged and included relevant stakeholders?


Financial Considerations

Is the project financially viable for wider industry uptake? Or is it cost prohibitive to larger uptake?


Implementation and monitoring of marketing strategy

How well has the initial marketing strategy been implemented? How have the campaign outcomes been monitored, evaluated and utilised to make necessary adjustments to the strategy?



To what extent have innovation initiatives been incorporated into the design beyond regulatory requirements? This may include engineering solutions, sustainability initiatives or other unique features etc.

  • SUSTAINABILITY – What non-standard features or initiatives (e.g. design process and outcomes, community engagement, construction practices, partnerships with community groups etc.) have significantly enhanced the project?
  • MARKETING – What innovative and/or creative marketing tactics were utilised?

Note: The innovation itself is fundamental to the project.



How does the project respond to the characteristics of the site, and positively and thoughtfully engage with the local area and streetscape?



How has the market responded to the project? Has the project performed against its financial goals and sales/lease target?



How have the project’s outcomes been monitored, evaluated, and shared with other stakeholders?



How has the project responded to the local context, considered the wider community’s objectives and created a sense of place? How has the project responded to any planning challenges or unique site constraints? What initiatives have been incorporated in the project to create, strengthen and support resident connections?



How has the project responded to the local context, considered the wider community’s objectives and created a sense of place? How has the project responded to any planning challenges or unique site constraints?



To what extent has the new technology contributed to solving an issue or creating an improved outcome? Note: Is it considered a ‘game changer’ for the industry?



To what extent does the project provide care services, or seek to provide a potential pathway, or transition to aged care?



To what extent have sustainability initiatives been incorporated into the project beyond regulatory requirements? Consider the project’s sustainability initiatives across the following areas:

  • Urban ecology
  • Waste management
  • Energy
  • Materials
  • Water
  • Community

Examples of sustainability initiatives relevant to the above can be found in the EnviroDevelopment technical standards:



Has the project received any formal sustainability rating including EnviroDevelopment certification or similar?



How does the design challenge traditional building typologies and planning regulations?



How has the project’s urban design responded to site constraints and opportunities and delivered a liveable and vibrant community?

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