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UDIA Victoria Award for Excellence – Masterplanned Communities


Projects must have a coherent design with a relevant range of facilities within the development. While the development can be predominantly residential, civic, recreational, entertainment, tourist, commercial or industrial, or a combination of any of these primary uses, the development must be developed to stage where tangible benefits of a master planned approach can be demonstrated.

The project must be large enough to sufficiently demonstrate that a sense of community has been created within the site. For example: Project design has facilitated a sense of community within the project area, even acting as a place attracting people outside of the project area to form part of the community. The project needs to be completed to proceed to National.

The winner of this award is eligible for nomination into the UDIA National Awards. If nominated, you will be required to complete the UDIA National Awards criteria documentation.

Completion Criteria for UDIA Judging

To adequately judge an entry for the UDIA Awards for Excellence Program, entrants must provide to the Judging Panel sufficient evidence of the completion of a significant part of the project.

For example, single stage projects must demonstrate practical completion and sold or available for sale. Multistage projects must have at least one full stage completed and sold or available for sale, and other stages under development.

Category Criteria
Planning and Integration
Urban Sesign and Built Form
Market Acceptance and Success
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