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UDIA Victoria Award for Excellence – PropTech

UDIA Victoria Award for Excellence – PropTech


The UDIA Victoria PropTech award celebrates projects that contribute to the property industry and the collective goal of delivering great places to live, work and play.

This may be through the invention of a product that reduces construction times and enhances sustainability, a software that assists in the design or construction phases of a project, or an initiative that seeks to engage the broader community or may enhance the reputation of the property industry.

This award is a Victorian Award and the winner does not go on to compete in the UDIA National Awards Program.

Completion Criteria for UDIA Judging

To adequately judge an entry for the UDIA Awards for Excellence Program, entrants must provide to the Judging Panel sufficient evidence of the completion of a significant part of the project.

For example, single stage projects must demonstrate practical completion and sold or available for sale. Multistage projects must have at least one full stage completed and sold or available for sale, and other stages under development.

Projects must predominantly impact residential (i.e. small lot housing, villas, town houses, terrace homes, row housing, apartment buildings) this is inclusive of technological enablement projects e.g. software platforms.

Co-entrants are permitted to enter your project into this category (i.e. developer and architect), however both must be members of UDIA Victoria.

Category Criteria
Contribution to the Industry
Engagement/Collaborative Approach
Financial Considerations
Monitoring and Evaluation
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