diversity in DEVELOPMENT industry (NEW)


The UDIA National Diversity in Development Industry Award seeks to acknowledge, encourage and most importantly, promote diversity in development among UDIA members. UDIA encourages its member companies to enter the award in their relevant State from both the public and private sectors:

The aim of the Award is to:

  • Identify diversity in development companies which are leaders in our sector
  • Recognise the positive influence that diversity in development has within the organisation and/or the broader development industry

Focus on the companies’ role and quality of diversity in development involvement in various projects, rather than the size, value or importance of the project itself.
Nominees should be able to demonstrate diversity in development within their organisation or within the development industry as a whole, and should provide examples in which they have incorporated diversity in development into their workplace, the industry or in relation to a specific project/issue.

Nominees companies must demonstrate how they have had a positive influence on diversity in development within an organization, or the development industry. The Award winner will be selected on the basis of a genuine diversity in development contribution to the development industry.


This award requires a written submission which will be judged based on the responses to the below items.

Following this our Judges will determine if a site visit is relevant or required to the workplace and/or if an interview and presentation component can take place elsewhere.

The interview and presentation will allow entrants the opportunity to further showcase their organisational diversity policies and initiatives and allow the judges to ask more specific questions around their success and effects.

Submissions will be required to provide commentary around the below key areas:

  • A detailed overview of the project (physical or otherwise) that your consultancy was involved in, what role you played and how you showcased excellence. Outline the policies your company has in place to promote diversity in the workplace
  • Outline the main challenges your team overcame
  • Outline the main points of innovation and/or difference exhibited by your consultancy
  • Showcase how your consultancy has demonstrated best practice that benefits the development industry
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